001 Imperial Palace Perryn Peterson
002 ~Lantian/FLOX~ Wyvern Dryke
003 Shops of Mountain Rose    SebastianTiogar Resident    Meadow Copperfield  
􀀖004 Designs by Sebastian    Sebastian Dionysus    
􀀟005 Timeless Textures    Xzavia Yifu    Arghhhh Solo

006 Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes    Delinda Abbot
007 Fairey Angel Creations    Jillian Fairey    
008 TMD - Thistle Moon Designs    FlowerTower Resident  
009 Miss Darcy    Vivienne Darcy    Tik Merlin  
010 Feyline Fashions    FeydaAnn Ferryhill

011 Jacon Cortes Designs    Jacon Cortes    
􀀋012 !! Never Ever!    Rhana Sands
013 Peterman Ltd.    Nabila Nadir    
014 Sparrow by Design    Sparrow Tuqiri  
015 Buccaneer's Restorations    Bitsy Buccaneer      
016 Shame.:    Uryuu Kira    
017 Hermione's Heavenly Sweet Boutique    Hermione Highwater  
018 Spyralle    Kerryth Tarantal    
019 Eclectic Stars :.     Jadziyah Resident    
020 Black Magnolia Imports    MatildaRigby Resident

􀀔021 Timeless Decor    Serenek Timeless
022 Caramba    Raquel Gagliano    
􀀄023 Jinxed Toys & Magic   Ishani Mhia    Amadine Abonwood  
􀀃024 Tanelorn Manor Designs    Muroc Scorfield   Hollywood Topaz    
􀀂025 Inara's Fantasy Couture    InaraSerra Jewell    Jadzia DeCuir

026 Zoe's Garden    Adele Rhiadra
027 All Things Beautiful    Silver Aster  
028 KittyCat's Creations    Kittycat Ninetails     '
029 ~XM~ Designs    XMarieX Fairport    Kiva Fairport  
􀀅030 Where Worlds Collide    SunQueen Ginsberg      
031 Frolic Poses    Friday Farstrider    Branwenalcyone Resident  
􀀌032 Les Arts de Saint-Bruno    Tiamat Windstorm
033 MTD Designs    Ouminakati Aboubakar  
034 McMinnar's Oddments    Anne McMinnar    
035 Emma's @ Blue Moose    Emma Krokus    Leonard Omizu

036 The Rug Shop    Sasheba Looming
037 Suki's Silken Fashions    Suki Syakumi    Karmas Destiny
038 Lunar Seasonal Designs    Lunar Tripsa  
039 Illumination Library    Farzaneh Eel    
040 Park Place Home Decor    DeAnn Dufaux

041 Tayren's Fantasy Fashions    Tayren Theas    
􀀏042 United InshCon    Eldowyn Inshan    
􀀐043 Razmataz   Melonie Romano
􀀕044 Panda Panda Store    Liam Metaluna  
045 Casa de Bebe    Bebe Begonia

046 Botanica    CaraCali Resident   ElizabethWallington    
047 LilArt Creation    Lilia Artis    
048 Imagine Flowers and Garden    Laurella Benoir    
049 An Lema    AelKennyr Rhiano  
050 The Ferret & Hedgie Shoppee    Peachy Sassoon    Xerxes Sismondi

051 House of Accentaury    Haveit Neox    
􀀘052 Little Scamp Designs    Zaida Gearbox    
􀀝053 Mikki Miles Medieval and Modern Musical Instruments    Mikki Miles  
054 Pierre Ceriano    Pierre Ceriano
055 E-mesh    Guestier Balut    Persefone Gant

056 Salome design    Chantale Anatine    
057 Cake Fox   Pieni Resident
058 Steaming Ahead   BroganCael Resident
059 *Independent Objects*    Susan Independent    Acarna Drachios
060 COVETED!    Tifridh Fallen  
061 ZYN    Zyndyrr Resident  
􀀍062 Cog & Fleur    Abathyr Resident
􀀗063 AdelleArts Manor Fashions    Ellie Honi
􀀙064 Virtual Textures    Chica Indigo    
􀀚065 WILLOW Jewels & Designs    WillowBrandybuck Resident
066 SANNA - SCIENCE and ART    Sanna Jupiter  
􀀜067 Rainy Fey Creations    Nyree Rain
068 Chinese Tea House   Perryn Peterson



  1. Hello, sorry to bother you but it's march and we need the SLurls sometime before the hunt ends. This is very important as there are few Steam-Related hunts and so I am sure some of Steam community would appreciate the list of locations soon.

  2. Please join our group "Historical Hunts, Inc" in Second Life to see participating merchants. Group notices will have the updated list. -Wyvern Dryke

    1. Wyvern, I'm a great fan of Steampunk and I do appreciate the fantastic efforts you make for the hunt (the Steam Hunt being practically the only one I insist on doing every year) - this is why I'd like to suggest you reconsider the "group only" merchant list idea. It's rather unfair to people with no empty group slots available (and before you ask why they don't leave a group in order to join yours: these days many groups are private or require a fee; I, personally, couldn't pick a group of mine that I'd leave without some kind of a loss and/or nuisance), and even people with empty group slots find the blog a much more comfortable point of reference. A swift click on the link provided here, instead of digging up the latest version of a notecard inworld from one's inventory, and the hunter is in the shop, happily looking for a cogwheel, with the shop owner having one more client on their daily visitor statistics tab. Thank you again, and may I repeat: please reconsider.

  3. Thank you, Wyvern. I do appreciate you considered my/our suggestions and you published a full Steam Hunt participants' list on your blog.
    I find many gifts are just plain fabulous, the best ones for years. I'm planning to blog about them, and please rest assured you and your brand will be duly advertised.
    Thank you very much indeed, again,


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March 1-31st
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Silk Road Hunt
June 1st to 30th
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The Renaissance Hunt
September 1-30th
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